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Born in 1994, of his real name Sébastien Filiatrault. He was raised in the north side of Montréal, Québec, Canada. Known as Young Banks for his artist name, a name that was given to him at a young age by his ability to make money. Young Banks always showed interest to all kinds of music. At the age of 10 Sébastien started to freestyle with his friends just for fun. By the time he turned to 13 years old he was starting slowly to write his own music. He quitted high school early because he knew it wasn’t for him he wasn’t paying attention in class and was writing songs all the time. At 15 when he got out of school, he continued to write songs and record tracks every day. Having a home studio in his house doing all by himself. One day by talking to his older brother he realised that they both had the same passion about music. In April of 2009, Young Banks founded a group called YoungStarzz with his brother. Other young artists joined YoungStarzz within time, two of them was named Kplayz and Hellboy. At that moment seeing a lot of opportunities Sébastien were becoming even more serious about his music. In 2010 the group YoungStarzz also became an official recording label named YoungStarzz Records / Les Disques YoungStarzz. The first artist signed to the recording label was a old friend of Sébastien and a upcoming reggaeton artist named Young Chaky of his artist name. In june of 2010, YoungBanks and Simetrik (his older brother) dropped the first YoungStarzz Mixtape called From No Where To Somewhere, the mixtape was sold out within the first week. In November of 2010, YoungBanks and his brother as been invited to perform with the Tadros Twins internal pop artist. The event was setup at Macadam in Longueuil, Québec. Macadam South has the mission to support and equip young people for 12-35 so that they could make a commitment to improve their living conditions in respect and huanm dignity. After that event the Tadros Twins invited Young Banks and his artist Hellboy to perform again at Macadam in January 2011. Fallowing May 21, Sebastien was invited to do a show with his artists Young Chaky for a event called Rêve D’artists 3 ‘Artists Dream’s , where most of the young artists from Montréal-North perform. The next month, Young Banks perform again with Young Chaky and two of his friends at one of the biggest club in Quebec City. They received VIP invitation to perform at the Daggobert NightClub witch can contain up to 1500 person on 3 floors. During 2012 Young Banks put his music career on hold to go to college make a formation in webdesign. In 2013 Young Banks linked up with Og Mack Drama from 1017 Brick Squad and sign under 1017MafiaGang / 1017 BrickSquadMafia. Between 2013, until the end of 2014 Young Banks dropped couple promotional songs on YouTube getting nearly 20 000 views around the world and still counting. He also released a single Manute Bol Money that he produced himself, the single was dropped 03/03/2014 in over 25 Digital Stores including Itunes, GooglePlay and Amazon. During 2014 summer Banks appear in the Summer Issue of The R Report Magazine that was distributed all around the United-States. Young Banks is now working on video clips and single for 2015.

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