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The legend of Trubz dates back to his days growing up as one of Louisville’s most versatile athletes. As a highly recognized high school senior, Trubz (born Zach Noonan) received All-State awards for soccer, and received a full collegiate scholarship to play baseball at the Murray State University. After undergoing shoulder surgery in his junior year of high school, Trubz was unsure of his ability to play the game of baseball again. Overcoming this setback, Trubz set many records in college, but never completed an entire season healthy. At the first game in his senior year, he blew out his elbow. Suddenly, Trubz realized that baseball would soon be a memory of the past, and music would become the forefront of a new beginning. In fact, Trubz’ music career began in high school, but was put on hold to pursue his dream of playing baseball in the Major Leagues. In late 2011, Trubz created the “Murray State Anthem,” which has undeniably garnered him national recognition. Fast forward 2 years and Trubz is now living in Nashville, making the most innovative hip hop records of his life. His latest EP The Beginning PhaZes effectively mixes hip hop, country and rap, inventing a distinctive sound that is like something no one else has thought of just yet. His artistry – the fast-paced lyrical content along with his outstanding vocal ability - has unquestionably made him become one of Nashville’s hidden jewels. Redefining hip hop for a new generation, it’s only a matter of time now until the world learns of the name Trubz.


“Revohloo takes innovation to the next level. Music videos will never be the same”.

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