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NESTOR LA VOX A natural born poet and musician, Néstor La Vox, inherited his musical virtuosity from his family of improvisers and mountain troubadours in the heart of the Puerto Rican tropics. He composed his first songs at the age of eight. A self taught musician La Vox performed, composed and produced music for multiple cover bands during his High School years. Later on Nestor La Vox decided to formalize his music knowledge by attending the prestigious Berklee School of Music, one of the nation’s foremost institutions in the field. Today Nestor La Vox owns and directs VITAMIN M (, one of the nations most important music production companies in the Advertising Industry. Néstor has combined the knowledge acquired through education with his rich musical tradition, to give birth to his own catchy, eclectical urban music. A bit mountain, a bit urban and a lot Reggaeton… it just hits you in all the right places, his words spill with the deep green feeling of mountains and reflects the grievances and humility of the Hispanic immigration in search of a better life…its beat lodges low in your hips. Flamboyan trees and Reggaeton sway undisturbed in this stellar new album. If you’re keen on Urban, Bachata and Reggaeton, this edgy music is a fusion of them all with a lot of heart. Néstor La Vox – a revelation.

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