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Josiah Leon is an R&B influenced singer/songwriter based out of Central New York. He first became interested in recording when he was 15 years old. Eventually he began teaching himself how to play different instruments, and write songs. With plenty of moral support from friends, family, and teachers his talent as a singer, musician, producer, and songwriter grew. Growing up Josiah learned from his parents, who came from almost nothing, being rich in spirit is much different than being rich with money. This very lesson has influenced Josiah to work even harder for his career and future. He takes pride in the fact that everything he uses to create music is earned mostly from his own pocket. Positive feedback was always given by his parents and siblings, but once he started to receive dozens of great comments from complete strangers on the internet about his music Josiah knew he was catching onto something. In January of 2014 Josiah published a music video on Youtube for his song “You”, and since then it’s reached over 100,000 views. In the same year Josiah created a Soundcloud account where one of his covers reached over 100,000 listens. This is testament to his continual growth as an artist. Currently Josiah works in retail with almost every second of free time spent on anything and everything music. He plans on turning his musical obsessions into a career, and is always seeking out opportunities to do just that.

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