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Rap/Hip-Hop Artist Jamcidy born (Aug. 16 1995) and raised in Nashville,TN currently an independent artist,producer. Begin rapping at the age of 10 influenced for music by Da Line Up (M-16 & Yung Heat) also by rappers such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake, JCole. Rapping style based on flow, lyricism, being able to speak about various topics or true life events. Released first solo project in late 2016 “Pray 4 Tha Competition” (2016), “Chalk Season” (2017) and a conjoined project with fellow Rap/HipHop Artist Tre$o “TreCidy” (2017). Music became a getaway from the harsh reality in the city of Nashville witnessing proverty, violence, etc Jamcidy began working on his music putting passion, conviction, and determination into his music explaining his struggles, his hopes, and life experiences in his songs. If interested in booking,features etc.... reach out to sgodyk16.jw@gmail.com

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