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Ya Boy Mass, 20 year old hip hop artist, was born in Revere, Massachusetts and found himself moving to Dover, New Hampshire when he was 11. Once he moved to New Hampshire is when Ya Boy Mass developed a passion for the culture and scene of Hip Hop. Recording songs since as early as 12 years old, Ya Boy Mass has released 6 mixtapes and is set to release his locally anticipated debut album “Skylines & Psychedelics” July 28th digitally on iTunes and other large online music markets. Ya Boy Mass has been quickly regarded as one of the Top 5 Hip Hop artists coming out in New Hampshire and is only on the path to grow more and expand his sounds to wider reaches. Known for his ear grabbing voice, versatile flow, great harmonies, and non-stop energy both on the stage and in the booth. It’s safe to say that if you pass up on discovering Ya Boy Mass then it is truly your loss.

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"Drugs Are For Adults"

"Drugs Are For Adults"

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